The Brexit campaign was built largely on misinformation and hateful, anti-immigrant rhetoric. However, some of those in support of leaving the European Union cited the structure or setup of the EU as a reason for their vote. "Un-elected bureaucrats in Brussels" was a buzzphrase commonly mentioned in the run-up to the 2016 referendum and beyond. 
Regardless of the factual validity of that concern, I wanted to draw attention to the fact that Britain could be most prosperous by negotiating and designing change from within.
While my revised design (right) doesn't show the same strength and rigidity that benefits a flag, it does create a more inclusive and friendly circle. Note that the goal of this project was not to re-design the EU flag. 
By rotating the 12 stars universally at a central axis, as opposed to the official method of having each star consistently rotated at 0º regardless of their position, I create a subtle difference - one which helps bring attention to the changes we could make to the European Union from within, to help suit the demands of those in favour of Brexit.
If you want to help support the cause for remaining in the European Union, the following resources are very useful:
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