The brief asked for a brand name, logo and website for an artisan bakery specialising in Argentinian food. Spanish for "luxury", the name Lujo merges the excitement of foreign delicacies with the high end market the company is aiming to target. 
Following on from this project, I also designed the website for the company, as shown here.​​​​​​​
It was important to create a logo which merges the familiar concepts of home baking and more unique Argentine culture.
The combination mark logo incorporates the colours of the Argentinian flag with a rising steam symbol - instantly combining the feeling of warm, homemade baking with the Argentinian identity that's so important to the brand. The thick, sans serif text is both legible and professional - and readable at small sizes.
One goal was to create a logo which doesn't need to rely on its colours to be identified. The use of a bold sans serif and simple detail creates a shape that's easily recognised in silhouette form.

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